Ecos Water Inc.

Description: The Ecos Waterstation is the only high capacity, all weather, chilled, single serve water vending system in the world, poised to capture a massive market share.
Opportunities: Single and master license opportunities available throughout the US and Canada.

Business Type: Business Opportunity
Minimum Investment: $25,000
Financing Assistance: Yes, through a third party
Training Provided: Yes
Home-based: Yes

Choose the Healthy Vending Option!

Capitalize with an all green solution!

Ecos Water Inc. Franchise Opportunity

The Ecos Waterstation dispenses chilled water in single servings, providing the solution to the plastic water bottle crisis making headlines every day!

The Ecos Waterstation provides freshly treated, delicious water for an affordable price directly to the consumer's jug or sports bottle. The demand for safe, good tasting water everywhere will take hundreds of thousands of waterstations to satisfy. Get in at the early stages of explosive growth in this lucrative market!

Hydration is the key to a healthy lifestyle

Be a force for good in the community by providing accessible, superior drinking water for a fraction of the normal cost, while making a positive impact on the environment. Feel good about working with this essential element of life.

Water vending is at the top of the food chain

The Ecos Waterstation is inventory free. That means more profit for you. But that’s not all. It also means that there’s no warehouse, no delivery trucks, no daily visits to the machine to replace stock.

Remote monitoring means freedom now

All Ecos Waterstations come with remote monitoring capability. You will be able to log into the website and see all of your machines, from anywhere in the world with Internet access to see how much water has been dispensed and how much money is in the machine. You will only need to go to a machine when it’s full of money or when it needs service. You could even delegate service to another without worry, knowing how much money is in the machine for collection.

Sustainable growth, proven business modelChoose the Healthy Vending Option!

Water vending is a proven business model that has huge growth potential.

Market demand

There is a major shift in the marketplace away from plastic water bottles. The Ecos Waterstation is the only high capacity, all weather, chilled, single serve water vending system in the world! As such it is poised to capture a massive market share worldwide.

Help in starting your business

In addition to installation and maintenance manuals, Ecos can provide real time technical support to deal with any field issue from maintenance to business development. Our in-house engineers are ready for your call. We can help with finding locations, installing and servicing your waterstations.


Ecos Water Inc is looking for capable, qualified people to work with as our partners in the water business. It is important that you have the skills needed for our business, a minimum of $25,000 of available capital and a commitment to get something happening now. If this describes you then we are interested in hearing from you!