Purified water retail store in Surrey, British Columbia. Simple money maker. This is one of the most simple and easy to run business available anywhere. Itís hard to lose money here. The business includes in-store purification (reverse osmosis) facility that purifies tap water to bottled water. Customers bring their own bottles and refill them. No tax on water sales! SoÖthere is no taking inventory of water, just sit there and ring the cash register. More than 1500 prepaid clients on our list. We also deliver to residences and businesses. Owner has other business to take care of, so difficult to manage both. Asking price $85,000. Includes Plant, machinery, equipment and customer database. Itís not a franchise so no strings attached. Will fully train for two weeks and willing to help in future on a consultancy basis.

Asking price $ 120,000
Category Retail Business
Type Business Established
City Surrey
Location Canada - British Columbia

Established in 2005
Current owner for 12 years
Number of Owners 1
Area 1200 sq.f.

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