Yukon is the smallest federal territory of Canada. It ranks as the 9th largest area in Canada in terms of area (482,443 km2 or 186,272 sq mi) and 12th largest in terms of population (33,442). Despite this, there are some really good reasons to consider business for sale Yukon if you are an investor, individual, a business organization, or a broker looking for active, profitable business for sale in Canada.

The first and the most important reason to consider business for sale in Yukon is its geographical location. Yukon is in the shape of a right triangle. It borders Alaska to the west, the Northwest Territories to the east, and British Columbia to the south. Yukon’s northern coast lies on the Beaufort Sea.

Yukon is easily accessible by air, road, and water. The major land routes include the Alaska Highway, the Klondike Highway, the Haines Highway, and the Dempster Highway. Other highways include the Robert Campbell Highway and the Silver Trail. Further, there is an excellent air transport facility to serve all the communities in Yukon. The Whitehorse International airport has got direct flights to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Fairbanks, and Frankfurt.

If you buy a business in Yukon or buy a franchise opportunity Yukon, you can rest assured of smooth and hassle-free commutation to and from Yukon to successfully target the market for your business for sale Yukon.

Yukon’s diverse ethnicity is also an important reason to consider business for sale Yukon. Here you would find the English, the First nations, the Scottish, the Irish, the German, and the French. If you buy a business in Yukon or consider buying a franchise for sale Yukon, there is an immense variety of people you can serve.

Last but not the least; Yukon’s economy is also an excellent reason to consider business for sale Yukon. The major industry in Yukon is mining. Lead zinc, silver, gold, asbestos, and copper are found in huge quantity here and are exported to many parts of the world. Yukon’s scenic wonders, recreational opportunities, and serene environment make tourism as the second most important industry here. Other industries are manufacturing of furniture, clothes, and handicrafts, trapping, and fishing. If you plan to buy a business Yukon or a franchise Yukon, there are several options to consider.

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