If you are looking for business for sale, consider business for sale in the Northwest Territories Canada. The geographical location, population, diverse economy, and infrastructure are excellent in the Northwest Territories Canada and make it an excellent choice to consider buying a business in the northwest Territories.

The Northwest Territories is a federal territory of Canada. It is located in Northern Canada and is surrounded by Yukon in the west, Nunavut in the east, British Columbia in the southwest, and Alberta and Saskatchewan in the south. The total geographical area of the Northwest Territories is 1, 346, 106 square kilometres. The largest cities are Yellowknife, Inuvik, Fort McPherson, Norman Wells, and Tuktoyaktuk. Most business for sale in Northwest Territories are thriving due to the excellent location of the region.

Another reason to buy a business in Northwest Territories is its diverse population. Northwest Territories have 36.5% North American Indian, 17.2% English, 14.7% Canadian, 14.3% Scottish, 11.8% Irish, and 10.5% French. Others include German, Metis, Inuit, and Ukrainian. If you consider business for sale Northwest Territories, you have such a diverse population to serve. Finding the market for your specific business for sale Northwest Territories will not be a problem at all.

Northwest Territories’ economy also makes buying a franchise for sale Northwest territories and business for sale Northwest Territories an excellent decision. Though the main industries here include mining, natural gas, petroleum, health, communication, manufacturing, and transport are some other favorable industries here.

Yet another why should consider business for sale Northwest Territories or franchise opportunity northwest territory is the high-quality, modern public infrastructure in the Northwest territories. The Yellowknife Airport is the busiest airport in northern Canada which handles over 400,000 passenger and 30,000 tonnes of cargo yearly. Further, there are several highways and properly made roads that connect the Northwest Territories to the other parts of Canada. If you a buy a business Northwest Territories, you would not face any difficulty in carrying your goods in and out of the territories. The excellent transportation would open up gates for your business to several markets. 

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