If you are planning to buy a business, consider business for sale Manitoba or franchise for sale Manitoba. Here are some of the main reasons that make Manitoba a good place to consider buying a business for sale:

Location: Manitoba is surrounded by Ontario on the east, Saskatchewan in the west, Nunavut and Northwest Territories in the north, and the north, by the US states of Minnesota and North Dakota. Then, Winnipeg, Manitoba’s capital city is the 8th largest metropolitan area in Canada. Also, it is the seat of government, home to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba and the highest court in the jurisdiction, and to four of the province's five universities. Buy a business in Manitoba or franchise opportunity in Manitoba to enjoy enhanced visibility and access to potentially wide market.

Infrastructure: Manitoba’s infrastructure also favors towards considering a business for sale here. It has two class I railways- Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). Numerous small regional and short-line railways also run trains within Manitoba. Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, Manitoba's largest airport, is a 24-hour unrestricted airport in Canada and is part of the National Airports System. Manitoba also has several bus stations.

Economy: Yet another reason why you should consider business for sale in Manitoba and franchise for sale in Manitoba is its strong economy. In 2008, its Gross Domestic Product was C$50.834 billion. And, according to the 2006 statistics, the average individual income in Manitoba was C$25,100. Manitoba's economy relies heavily on agriculture, tourism, energy, oil, mining, and forestry.

Population: If you are buy a business Manitoba or franchise for sale in Manitoba, you have significantly large and diverse population to cater to. The total population of Manitoba in 2009 was 1,213,815 comprising people from varied origins and backgrounds such as English, Canadian, French, German, Irish, Scottish, Franco-Manitoban, and Metis.

If you are considering buying business for sale Manitoba or franchise for sale Manitoba, go through the listings below. The website offers several active and profitable businesses for sale and franchise for sale in Manitoba. You can go through the various businesses for sale and franchise for sale and buy the best for yourself, right at the click of a mouse.

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MOLLY MAID Franchise for Sale in Winnipeg SW
Located in Winnipeg, Canada - Manitoba
Asking price is $ 152,300
MOLLY MAID is the largest Canadian-based residential cleaning company in the world. Ownership of a MOLLY MAID Franchise provides a profitable Business Model, enhanced over 35-years, Marketing Strategy that capitalizes on the MOLLY MAID brand, Personnel Training and Recruitment Systems, Financial Model and Procedures that are so straightforward and understandable that even your accountant will envy them, custom designed Management and Lead Management Software Programs and an experienced team at the MOLLY MAID Support Office, dedicated to your continued success.
Metropolitan Movers Winnipeg
Located in Winnipeg, Canada - Manitoba
Asking price is $ 0
The services of Metropolitan Movers Winnipeg in advance. There are some months which are quite heavy; therefore you may be required to make advanced bookings prior to your moving date. This will allow you make adequate preparations awaiting your move out.
Work From Home Online Internet Business
Located in Canada, Canada - Manitoba
Asking price is $ 3,000
Here is a lucrative and established well known home based business that can create a six figure income. -Full instructions, step by step procedures to follow -No experience necessary, we will teach you all you need to know and how to make this business successful This business is perfect for the following people. -People that are not fulfilled -People that hate their jobs -Individuals simply looking for extra income -Work from home parents -People that want to change their life plan -Retired veterans -Grandparents -Online business owners -College and university students -Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors -Offline business owners -Stay at home mums Please copy and past this link into your browser or send me an email request and I will forward you the link http://thesfm.com/bradraywork?pg=entrepreneurs-unleash&ty=htbs2&t=bizmatch.caMonitoba